Making the Goal – What is Yours Today?

I’m a fairly excitable sports fan. Whether it’s my favorite college team (go Tarheels!), pro team, or just my daughter’s community soccer league, you’ll probably find me on the sidelines with hands up high, my feet off the ground, and my voice at a level likely embarrassing my wife. But, you sports fans get me, right? We’re passionate. We want victory! We know there is a goal to score and we’re cheering our team toward it!

A simple question, what is your goal for today?

Is it meeting the deadline for that big project? Is it making that huge sale with the sweet commission? Are you trying to get to a certain place? Or finish a certain errand? Perhaps you are just looking to be loved. 

The last goal – that one used to be mine. In 2011, I found a love like I had never felt before.  It was the love of Jesus Christ!! 

Did you know 68% of the world’s population doesn’t know God? Seriously, two-thirds of the people alive today don’t know the name or love of Jesus.  This statistic should trouble you – it does me. Knowing the life-changing transformation God worked in me, it’s hard to image two-thirds of the world don’t know Him.

But, we see a number like that and say, “What can I do? I can’t impact THAT many people.”  Well, forgive me, but I say you are WRONG! You can affect every single person you come in contact with – and more. The world says to chase those business goals; it’ll make you a success. Push, push, push until you’ve made it to #1. Instead, the Bible says our goal should be to touch as many lives as we can with the love and gospel of Christ.

sharing love through sports – our goal

How? It’s easy: Slow down. Open your eyes. Take action.

Most of the time, we are too busy rushing from one task to the next, one daily demand to the next to see the needs around us and the impact moments waiting for us. You see, if we slow down to see the need of just one person, we can impact that one person with love, God’s love.  If we take a break from chasing our superficial, non-eternity-impacting goals, then we usually have time to come face to face with people. Hurting people. People just like you and me. If you’re willing God can open your eyes to those people and their needs. And if you slow down, and you see those people, you can take action. You can accomplish the goal of sharing the gospel, living out the gospel, BEING Jesus to someone.

Ernie Johnson, Jr. (the host of Inside the NBA on TNT) calls these the impact moments ‘blackberry moments’ in his book Unscripted.  These are moments when a kid just plays with a blackberry bush because it is there. Talk to the person in front of you, just because they are there. Be a light, help a stranger, change an eternity…just because they’re there..right in front of you. Stop and see them. It’s our goal. Don’t miss the ‘blackberry bush’ completely because you’re blinded by the hustle and bustle of things like business – that goal only scores a lack of love and compassion for one another.

Again, you may ask, “How can I impact this number?”  Well I am not a mathematician, but let me throw these numbers your way. If you just once a month you slow down and help that person with a flat tire or the lady struggling with her groceries, or if you have a meal with the homeless person, that’s 12 people you alone have impacted in a year.Yep, 12 people created in the image of, deeply loved by, and passionately pursued by God. Now, stay with me. If the 32% of the world who knows God will then each impact 12 people in a year, imagine the dent we can make in that 68% within a 5 year span. Wouldn’t THAT be hitting the goal? The right goal! Can we say SCORE (cue cheering,)?!?!

I urge each person reading this blog to take action – today! Sharing Love through Sports is trying to do it one ball at a time, you can do it one person at a time.

To find out how you can help Sharing Love make an impact in a child’s life in the name of Jesus, reach out to us today.

Kevin Swider, Sharing Love Through Sports

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