What Is Sharing Love Through Sports?

Sharing Love Through Sports is a 501(c)(3) mission organization. Our goal is to spread God’s love and word to underprivileged children around the globe through sports.

Why This Organization?

After a mission trip to Togo, Africa in October of 2013, two things became abundantly clear. First, the kids in Africa enjoy and love sports as much as American children do. Second, African children do not have the resources to play or organize youth sports leagues. Therefore; we collect new and used (but still in usable condition) sporting equipment and jerseys/team shirts. These items are sent to missionaries around the world and used to develop/enhance youth  sporting events in their countries.

How Can You Help?

Got an old pair of cleats that won't fit any more?  An extra soccer ball just lying around? Or maybe a soccer jersey from a past season? These items can put a smile on the face of the kid around the globe! We also accept new items and monetary donations. We appreciate any donation and thank you in advance for your consideration. Please contact us at sharinglovethroughsports@gmail.com to donate.

Our Board of Directors

Each of our board members has unique skills and perspectives that adds to building our outreach.
Yet, we are each united in our love for Christ, other people, and sharing the gospel.


Kevin Swider

Executive Director


Jeff Day

Board Chair


Laura Bilton

At-Large Member

ashley africa 2

Ashley Widener


Our Sponsors


Marcos Pizza of WS


Twin City Soccer




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Join Us

Join us in getting sports equipment and programs to children around the globe while sharing the love of God with all people.